Public-Private Partnerships (P3) are Cleveland's Response to Crisis

The link below features a recent story the New York Times published along with a short film detailing the City's recovery from the housing crisis - a crisis which started way before 2008 and the #GreatRecession. This is one of the many great neighbor-hood level actions underway today.

This morning, as I reflected with a civic leader on community development/housing lessons-learned over the last 20 years, it took but a moment to spout - but the schools weren't at the table then. 

Since 2010 our public school system has been lead by one CEO and a stable Board of Education. And, under our Mayor's leadership our City has made education a number one priority.

This week this message my get lost among many other messages - but after the #RNCin2016 adjourns, the City's leaders and concerned citizens will continue the important work of investing in our people!

A Crisis in Cleveland