In her autobiography, Reconciliation, Benazir Bhutto “tried to trace the roots, causes and potential solutions to the crisis within the Muslim world and the crisis between the Muslim world and the West. Theology, history, economics, democracy, and dictatorship have all played significant roles in bringing the world to this crossroads.” Her premise from the beginning has been “that extremism thrives under dictatorship and is fueled by poverty, ignorance and hopelessness. The extremist threat within the Islamic world and between the Islamic world and the West can be solved, but it will require addressing all the factors that breed it."

While watching the attempted military coup unfold in Turkey overnight, I recalled the loss of a great democratic leader on December 27, 2007 when she was assassinated in a bombing after leaving a political rally.

Democracy can work if we support and protect our leaders who help create and nurture the conditions for sustaining democracy.